Here are a few famous beards reimagined for the modern gentleman. Find your chinspiration!

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Kimbo Slice 

The “ULTIMATE beard”

kimbo slice beard

What can I say about this beard?! It’s magnificent! Kimbo Slice waters his beard with the tears of his enemies. This is perfect chinspiration for a truly mean street-fighter look.

Rubeus Hagrid 

The “Wooly Wizard”

Hagrid beard

In the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry, Hagrid is considered quite the hunk. Take a cue from Harry Potter’s lovable oaf. Let your beard grow wild and feel like an urban beast-master.

 Fidel Castro 

The “Marxist Mane”

Fidel Castro Beard

If you find yourself the head of a revolutionary regime or your facial hair needs a more socialist trim, perhaps consider the Castro look. Beards are all the rage in the communist party (also see Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara).

 Clint Eastwood 

“The Good the Bad and the Stubbly”

clint eastwood beard

No one pulls off stubble quite like Clint Eastwood. It’s a brooding-man’s facial hair, like he’s too pensive to remember to shave.This beard goes especially well with staring off into the distance while chewing a toothpick.

 Bob Marley 

“No Shaven, No Cry”

Bob Marley beard

If you’re a man with dreadlocks, it’s always a good idea to grow a beard. It brings the whole look together. Though it’s nearly impossible to look as effortlessly cool as Bob Marley.


The “Sinister Whiskers”

rasputin beard

Rasputin’s beard was designed for evil plotting; for stroking his whiskers while planning his conspiracy. Only villainous men need apply for this one.

 Steve Zissou 

The “Deep Sea Adventurer” (pairs well with beanie)

steve zissou beard

Steve Zissou– an adventurer, lover, and captain, is a great beard-role model. The beanie is not necessary to look like a contemplative seaman, but it certainly helps.

 The Seven Samurai 

The “Man-Bun Warrior”

man bun and beard

The man bun is synonymous with the Samurai. Seven Samurai defended a village from bandits in Kurasawa’s iconic tale- having not a moment to groom. The combination man-bun and beard is a true warrior look.

 Ernest Hemingway 

“For Whom the Beard Grows”

ernest hemingway beard

Hemingway kept his words short, beard trim, and whisky cold. The salt-and-pepper beard speaks of a full life filled with safaris, bull fights, and passion.

 Jon Snow 

“You Grow Nothing”

jon snow beard

Finally, we have Jon Snow. He’s known for his windswept hair and sparse beard in the HBO series Game of Thrones. If you can’t grow a full thick beard, don’t be sad, Jon Snow knows how you feel!