We’ve all had it- that moment when your hair screams “It’s time for a trim!”. At Redd’s Barbershop they’re known as Redd Alerts. Here’s a list of some the worst haircuts for men, and the solutions to keep your cut from becoming a disaster.

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 Defcomb 1: Overgrown Ears

If you’ve ever had short hair, you know this Redd Alert moment- when those pesky hairs above your ear begin to flip up and reach skyward. You can either lather on the gel and tame those rouge hairs like these guys, or you can make an appointment with your barber.



REDD’S PRECISION HAIRCUT: Shears and a comb or classic barbering with clippers, you’ll receive a detailed cut from a highly trained barber-stylist using the most advanced techniques to achieve your desired look.

 Defcomb 2: Grown out and fuzzy neckline

Never is there a better time for a trim then when you dance dangerously close to having a mullet. Don’t flirt with such danger, keep that neckline clean.



REDD’S EDGE UP: Keep your hairline looking sharp and clean between haircuts with Redd’s Edge Up.


COMPLIMENTARY NECK & EAR TRIM:Our clients will receive a quick complimentary trim around the ears and neckline between haircut appointments to extend the life of their haircut.

 Defcomb 3: Thick and unruly top

Don’t let your thick luscious hair get out of control. It’s always wiser to have an experienced barber go in and trim, than look like you have a small family of mice nesting atop your head.



FREE.HOLD: If you don’t have time to stop by the barber. Then try Kevin Murphy’s Free.Hold- A flexible hold styling crème with a natural shine, to control your wild doo. Also available at Redd’s Barbershop.

 Defcomb 4: Overgrown beard lines

This guy’s look is obviously intentional, but let’s leave the neck beards to the Amish or those covering a regrettable neck tattoo.



REDD’S NECK SHAVE: A detailed and thorough straight razor neck shave with all of the oils and creams, completely eliminating unwanted hair around the neckline. Also, Redd’s gives complimentary neck shaves with every haircut.

 Defcomb 5:Bushy Chops

Back in the day mutton chops were quite stylish; not so much now-a-days. There are few who can still pull off this look. If you don’t have the chops to rock the chops than chop ’em off!



REDD’S BEARD TRIM:Our barber-stylist will sculpt your facial hair like a fine work of art, keeping your beard or mustache professionally groomed and maintained.

 Defcomb 6: Your partner has had it with kissing sandpaper

If the one you’re smooching doesn’t want their face exfoliated every time you kiss, a nice shave is in order. And if you want to keep the rugged man hairs, then you may want to look into softening the stubble.



Boss Man Beards Softening Balm: This light weight formula will relinquish a thirsty beard, helping soften, condition, repair dry splitting hairs, and nourish new growth. It’s a win-win, you get to keep the facial hair and your significant-other won’t be able to resist those soft cheeks.

OR treat your face to an experience that will leave it glowing…

REDD’S STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE: A classic steam towel straight razor shave service and facial using essential oils containing only the finest ingredients known to man.

REDD’S HOT LATHER SHAVE :A steam towel multi-blade razor shave service and facial using essential oils containing only the finest ingredients known to man.


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