When thousands of the most talented athletes in the country gather things are taken to the extreme. Here are some facts you didn’t know about NFL training camp according to Cory Redding, DE for the Arizona cardinals and founder of Redd’s Barbershopmini_logo

 The Numbers!


When camp starts every player is either trying to get a job, keep a job, or take a job.

With 32 NFL teams, and at least 90 players for each team at the start of training camp, 2,880 guys are fighting for a job.

After 4 preseason games and all cut rounds each team has 61 players breaking down to 53 active players and 8 practice squad team members.

That’s 1,952 players in the world who play NFL football. And that’s 928 disappointed football players leaving training camp jobless.

 The Water!


One team goes through about 65 Gallons of water during a day of training camp, with one walk-through and one padded practice (does not include players’ personal consumption throughout the day). That’s 2,080 gallons a day in the NFL!

There are 1,000 lbs of ice used per day for ice bags, after practice treatment, injury, ice baths ect.

 The Balls!


Every NFL team is allotted 700-750 footballs per team (the Cardinals only used 550 balls last season).

Training camp is the time to break in the balls; rotating them and becoming worn in for the upcoming season. Usually when a QB finds one he likes, he’ll use it all season.

Kickers use different balls that are smoother than QB balls (60 total).

30 of the designated balls are for breast cancer month and 30 balls are for Salute to service (Military).

20-24 balls are used per game.

Anytime the opposing team intercepts ball they keep it. This ball must be replaced by the team that threw the interception.

 The Laundry!


One team does 30-40 Loads of laundry each day in industrial washers that use an average of 14-27 gallons per-load. That’s a minimum of 13,440 gallons a day during NFL training camp.

1,000 towels are washed per day, per team during training camp. That’s 32,000 towels.

 The Food!


Arizona has gone all natural, all organic, gluten free meals. The industrial sized steam table vats of fried chicken, acres of french fries, and orchards worth of apple pies have been replaced by piles of grilled chicken, paddies of brown rice, and fountains of frozen yogurt parfaits in most training camps.

There are 150 – 200 people fed 4 times a day, everyday; players, coaches, staff, and VIP guests. As is the case with most of the training camp meals, the players are about half of the people fed, but they end up eating most of the food laid out.

One team can go through 1,200 pounds of chicken a week. 100 gallons of fruit juices a week. 500 pounds of fresh vegetables are consumed off of salad bars each week of camp and another 300 pounds of fruit. 1,500 eggs. These are some of the numbers mentioned in other articles about the food services around the NFL in camp season. Bon Apetit!

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