From his humble roots in St. Louis Missouri to 16 time Emmy award nominee and winner, Jon Hamm’s relentless pursuit of dapper has given us a new bar for mens style. Here is the story of how a change in haircut gave Don Draper the suave he needed.

 Before the Don

Jon Hamm (Jonathan Hamm) Senior Year 1989 John Burroughs School, St. Louis, MO Candid in Center Credit: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

Jon Hamm (Jonathan Hamm) Senior Year 1989

Things weren’t always cheek bones and slick hair for the future Draper, from his days at the University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Hamm spent his days running a muck and letting his hair have a mind of its own. Clearly the young Hamm had no intention of being the new face of men’s GQ aspirations but little did he know, Los Angeles will make a beautiful person of us all.

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I bet you didn’t know Jon Hamm was a contestant on The Dating Show… In fact, Mr. Hamm didn’t even break into the acting scene until the late age of 37 years old. Perhaps one reason is the choice in haircut only made him suitable for acting gigs like The Dating Show, but the dream of being a star studded lady killer was on its way in the form of Don Draper.

 Cleaning up the actBut its not just about Jon Hamm's hair cut as it is the cut..

Having worked almost 20 years in restaurants, Hamm finally got his big break in 2007 when producers of the new show Mad Men, pegged Hamm for the leading role of Don Draper. The tough, clean cut Directer of Advertising has an attitude that matches his style. Unrelenting and on point. The role earned Hamm 15 nominations for Best actor in a TV drama and as of last week, Hamm finally brought home the bacon with an Emmy award of his own.

 A cut for the ages#8223876 Actor Jon Hamm gets to work on the set of “Mad Men” in Los Angeles, California on November 30, 2011. Recently Jon received good reviews from critics for his guest appearance in TV’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions.” Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Perhaps Mad Men is an homage to a better day in men’s fashion, and Jon Hamm is making it known! Without a single hair being out of place, almost freakishly, Jon Hamm is making the role of Don Draper look good.

But its not just about his hair cut as it is the cut of the man’s suit. Leaving no doubt behind him, Jon Hamm has entered the world stage as Don Draper paving the way for Mad Men to demonstrate how timeless a dapper man can be.


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