NFL Training camp with Cory Redding Part 2

by Sep 1, 20150 comments

Recruiting and training “A” players in the NFL means the difference between an early summer break and a playoff seat. Cory Redding gives an inside look on how NFL scouts find and recruit top notch talent and how the Arizona Cardinals training camp schedule whips those recruits into shape!


The Scouts

These are the men that are always looking for innovative ways to take an NFL team to the next level. They know the current players and their skills inside and out so that they can take to canvasing the planet for new, raw talent. The buck stops with the scouts when it comes to putting the right people on the field. Typically, scouts are career minded folk, having tremendous experience in finding and recruiting talent, some families have multiple generations of scouts who closely guard their “secret sauce” when it comes to finding the best in the game.

The Tapes

Scouts are tasked with uncovering hidden talents of players and finding and exposing their strengths so the coaching staff can mold the player into the best form for his position. They will spend a minimum of 12-14 hours per day watching tape during training camp- talk about borophyil!

Imagine how quickly this time adds up- with training camp going on for 5 weeks, 6 days a week, each scout can watch over 420 hours per month!

The Cuts

Every season NFL teams must make cuts to the excess players on their rosters. This puts most players- from Free Agents to seasoned veterans at risk of losing their job. However, each year there are players that get cut who are quickly recruited by other NFL teams just before the season begins. So, being friendly with the scouts may seem like a great idea but ultimately, how players perform in pre-season determines whether they go home early or not.

Its not always about being the best player, sometimes its about being the right one!



6:30am – Morning Workout

Rise and shine! It’s time for the players to get a cup of joe, eat their Wheaties, and head off to the training room for a pre-day workout. Players will also meet with medical staff to receive any treatments needed to protect them from injury during the day’s practices.

8:30am – Team Meetings

The team meets as a whole, then they break into offensive and defensive players, then each position meets with coached individually to discuss plays.

9:30am – Walkthrough Practice

Coaches and players go through plays step-by-step to work out positioning on the field, scenarios, and team dynamics. These walkthroughs help players build confidence and coaches find weakness in player understanding.