Gentlemen, start your engines!

Its Formula 1 time again and Austin’s best barbershop is here to take a look under the helmet of this year’s racers.



lewis hamilton hair30 year old Lewis Hamilton is not only leading the 2015 F1 pack. Born with the English appreciation for fashion and style, Hamilton leads the way in men’s haircuts this weekend. This Mohawk meets pompadour is certainly keeping him in the fast lane of fashion!

Want this cut? Tell your barber…

Disconnect the top from the sides with a slight tapered fade. Leave length in front, gradually getting long in back to create pompadour style. This can be extended down into the Mohawk in back.

Products to use…

Kevin Murphy’s Free.Hold. Apply to damp or dry hair by emulsifying product into your hands and scrunching into your hair. For a sleeker look, apply just after you get out of the shower. This will leave your hair with a malleable but all day hold.


Valtteri Bottas hails from Finland and has brought more of that European suave we have come to appreciate in F1. With his simple, one length textured crop, he shows exactly how to work with a recessed hairline.

Want this cut? Tell your barber…

One length all the way around with texture on top. Stay away from texturizing scissors and just point cut the top.

Products to use…

Kevin Murphy’s Gritty Business will add a matte finish and accentuate the texture in the cut. Emulsify thoroughly in hands and rub palms onto scalp to spread product evenly and create texture.


redds_blog_f1_body3If you have a curly or wavy head of hair and struggle to find the right cut, look no further. Alexander Rossi is the lone American wolf left in pack for F1 2015 and shows off how to handle a wavy head of hair. This haircut matches his clean driving lines as he looks to make America proud this week in Austin.

Want this cut? Tell your barber…

Keep the sides short so the hair has less room to create waves. Taper the length from sides to top smoothly and definitely don’t use texture shears! After the cut, edge up the hairline all the way around with a straight razor to create a clean and polished look.

Products to use

Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion. Work the lotion into your hands and the spread evenly throughout your semi damp hair. As the product dries, it will help accentuate the natural waves for a natural yet refined look.

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