We sat down with Stephen Condon, the founder and CEO of Bossman Beard Brand and an aficionado when it comes to making a beard apart of a mans reality. Not only does he run one of the best beard product companies out there, he has a killer beard of his own! We asked the master himself what it takes to grow not just a beard, but a Ron Swanson approved beard, check out what he has to say.

What makes a great beard?

reddboss5-20150915182755“The confident person who is wearing it! Every beard is different, they grow differently with different densities. What makes a manly beard, is the man who is wearing it and its as simple as that. Wear that beard loud and proud!”

What beard advice would you give a first-timer?

reddboss2-20150915182818“Oh this one is easy;

1. Dont use your girlfriends shampoo or conditioner! Use all natural soap like Bossmans cleansing conditioner because your girlfriends hair products dont have the injection of manliness needed to keep your beard from drying out. Keep your head in the beard by keeping your girlfriends products out of it!

2. Make sure you have oils in your beard or face beard-druff. Beard-druff is dandruff for the face! Without oils your skin will start to itch and flake and in most cases, motivate you to shave your face treasure. Happy skin makes a happy beard.

3. Patience patience patience! – Growing a beard takes time and LOTS of patience. Getting professionals to help you maintain your beard as you grow it is a sure fire way to get the results you want. Checking in with the guys over at Redd’s Barbershop is an easy way to make sure your beard stays on track.”

Beards and significant others…?

reddboss1“With longer length beards, your significant other may be challenged by the itchiness of your manly beard. That’s where a conversation about whats really important and Bossman’s Softening Balm will save the day. It traps moisture into your beard and softens the blow of those intimate moments.”

What is some beard knowledge you couldn’t live without?

reddboss4“That’s a funny question but I’ve got a great answer for you;

Its acceptable to take care of yourself and your beard. Take the time to have a professional help you with crafting your beard and educate you on what products you need to make your beard work. The guys at Redd’s Barbershop are plenty experienced when it comes to getting a beard “off the face” so give up the pride and ask for help!”

What is one mistake you see most men making when maintaining a beard?

reddboss3“Chill out on the trimming. I know its easy to get excited about your new found face treasure but you have to let it grow. If you think its time to trim your beard, wait a week or two so it will overgrow giving you the room to trim it back to what you want. A little here and a little there can end up with a clean shaven face!”


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