Redd’s Hair talk – ACL has arrived

by Oct 1, 20150 comments

The time has come for the masses to descend upon us, almost reminiscent of how the Greeks must have felt at Thermopylae. But for those of us who call Austin home, ACL can be an adventure of witnessing some of the finest hair do’s and dont’s from around the world.


In the ways of Men’s Hair, the British band of Alt-J represents our friends across the pond well! Clean fades, crisp hair lines, and a decent attention to facial hair gives them a look that screams “British Fashion!” Thankfully, they have strayed away from overgrown locks most bands tend to embrace leaving us with a prime example of how a great haircut can lead to a modern, clean cut look.

To create this look, ask our Barbers for a straight razor edge up on your next visit. A straight razor will leave no hair out of place from front to back and will give you a precise and clean look around your hairline.


While the strokes hail from a different generation of music, we have to challenge the status quo when it comes to Brit Pop hair. Wild, all over the place and generally an afterthought, The Strokes have re-created a movement in hair that might have been better left in the past.

Might we suggest that The Strokes stop by Redd’s Barbershop for a healthy dose of a Precision Haircut? Have your people call our people, and we can clean up your ‘dos while staying true your British grit.


If you follow this UK heartthrob you most likely have an appreciation for his dapper good looks… oh ya and his music. Sam sports a re-imagined version of the classic 1950’s Pompadour we have come to know and love from, movies like Back to the Future. Started with a skin tight fade that gradually increases in length to a disconnected and longer top, Sam Smith has reignited our passion for classic hair, with a modern twist!

When trying to create this look, remember to use styling products that will support the volume you need. Kevin Murphy’s Free.Hold and Gritty Business are a sure fire way to keep your pomp in the right circumstance.


How can we talk about ACL 2015 without mentioning The Foo Fighters and front man Dave Grohl? When not saving the world and creating music to serve as a soundtrack to our lives, The Foo Fighters take the time to craft their looks. Even Dave’s shoulder length hair is well kept and in its place- a requirement of any modern gentleman. But, most impressive is their well crafted facial hair. We give The Foo Fighters the completely non-fictional award of “Best Groomed ACL Band 2015”

We’ll let you know if they come pick up their award from the shop…

The best way to give your facial hair this well kept appearance is at the steady hand of our Master Barbers. Not only will you have the cleanest lines your face has ever known, your skin will look healthier than ever since a straight razor shave can takes years off a man’s appearance.