Austin’s Best Barbershop gets into Politics


During this political season, Redd’s Barbershop is here help cut through the banter of a most important issue-  Who’s haircut is worth voting for?  We know you were wondering and we’re glad to help.

Donald J. Trump

donald trump haircutFor many reasons, it’s difficult to imagine Trump as Commander-in-Chief, so it comes as a surprise how many Americans this election year are able to look past his most obvious offense- his hairdo.  For this, we’ve got a solution and would like to extend an offer for Trump to come into Austin’s Best Barbershop and let us take him through our signature steps of service.  He wants to make America Great again, we just want to make his hair… better.

Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders haircutNow there’s Bernie Sanders, the counterweight to  Donald Trump on the liberal side.  Whereas Trump wants to hold onto whats left (of his hair), Bernie has embraced whats right for his look- which seems to be a reckless abandon of combs and styling to focus on embracing the natural unruliness of his snowy mane. But, should he be interested in updating his campaign look, both Redd’s and GQ are up for the challenge!

Perhaps though, there is a more Presidential haircut out there… 

Anderson Cooper

anderson cooper hairWhile his role in the Presidential elections is only as a moderator, its hard to overlook Anderson Cooper’s constant sharp look.  Visiting his barbershop at least once a week or more, Anderson keeps his clean cut personality year round.  We  know nothing about what his policy would be but his suave style and impeccable hair certainly fit the look of a President.


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Come into Austin’s Best Barbershop and be treated like a President