Austin, TX, is famous for it’s good food, good people, and great music. But, the weather is oh-so-unpredictable! Because of these up-and-down weather conditions, not only does the body suffer, but so does a person’s hair and scalp. “Why is this?” someone may ask. Or “What can I do to balance my hair and scalp throughout such crazy weather conditions?”. Fortunately there is a single solution to this problem. Let me explain…


Cold Weather:

During cold or dry weather the hair follicle tends to tighten and close up not allowing the nutrients it needs to get to the hair. This can cause dryness and in turn cause breakage and/or dry scalp. When this happens the hair will shed frequently and the scalp usually becomes very flaky.

This can be rectified by using a shampoo and conditioner with a form of stimulant or moisturizing ingredient that penetrates through to the scalp in order for the follicle to open back up.

Hot Weather:

In warmer weather our bodies intake a lot more fluids and are more active, therefore the hair and scalp generate more natural oils. Even though the oils allow the hair to maintain more moisture, excessive oil can cause the hair follicle to close up. The follicle can become very clogged and close up, not allowing any nutrients in at all.

A good clarifying or stimulating shampoo can rectify this problem as well, allowing the ingredients to penetrate through to the scalp and reopen the follicle.

At Redd’s Barbershop, we don’t just provide our clients with a stimulating shampoo, we give them an exhilarating experience. We start off with a neck massage and end with a soothing hot-towel treatment. Then we shampoo using Kevin Murphy’s Stimulate Me wash and rinse. It’s infused with oils such as Camphor and Bergamot Mint, which provides more oxygen and blood flow to the scalp, opens up the hair follicle and  leaves your hair cool and refreshed- ready to combat all that crazy Austin weather!


Keesha Holland moved to Austin with her family here 3 years ago and  just hit her 20-year mark in the hair industry. She has worked with a very diverse group of clients, starting back in the old school neighborhoods of Chicago.