We all have a vision of how we want to look, from our hair & clothes, to the way we carry ourselves. Buried in our minds is the formula to our personal brand, and sometimes it’s not always the easiest to communicate.

Have you ever been asked to describe your style? Not only is it difficult to explain how we see ourselves, it’s difficult to talk about ourselves objectively at times.

So Austin’s #1 Barber Shop is here to share some of the best ways to ensure the vision of your haircut in your brain, ends up on your head.


Here are some things that can help create understanding with your barber:


It helps  if the barber gets your style. Dress like you would normally so they can get a feel for your style and match the cut with your look.

Bring Pictures

Don’t be afraid to whip out your phone and scroll through your favorite hairstyles with your barber. Sometimes we use different terms to describe things. Pictures help visually explain your desired hairstyle to a barber without miscommunication

how to talk to your barber

Point Out Problem Areas

Everyone’s hair is different with distinct textures and behaviors. Show your barber your areas of concern, like cowlicks or receding hairlines. Knowing the areas that make you uncomfortable will help us match the perfect haircut.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say You Aren’t Happy

The fact is, not every consultation will perfectly encapsulate your vision, but EVERY haircut is easy to correct. If you aren’t happy, let your barber know. A good barber would much rather learn the correct way to cut your hair then let you leave dissatisfied. Any haircut can be fixed.

Know What Products You Prefer

It’s important for the barber know what products you use at home, as well as what you do and don’t like in a product. Do you like shine or more of a matt finish? Do you prefer a gelled or softer look?

The way you communicate with your barber can make or break your haircut. Even the best barber can’t read your mind. So, next time you’re at the shop, really chat-it-up before diving head-first into a cut. You will be happier, your barber will appreciate it, and the end result will be something that’s uniquely you.