10 Haircuts Inspired By the Best Places to Visit in Austin, TX

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Austin is known for many things. It’s the capital of the Lone Star State, home of the UT Longhorns, and the Music Capital of the World (just to name a few). There’s no shortage of activities and things to see in Austin, Texas.

Redd’s Barbershop is proud to call this ever-expanding, diverse and musical city our home. We are constantly inspired by Austin’s friendly people, brilliant architecture, world class food and natural landscapes.

So, we want to introduce you to some of our favorite spots around town, as well as give you some modern haircut ideas, by listing our Top 10 Haircuts based on the best places to visit around the city.



Of course we had to start with the most iconic site in the city. The Texas Capitol building is the pride of the Lone Star State, standing a few feet taller than the Capitol building in Washington DC, because, as you well know, everything’s bigger in Texas.

The Capitol Comb Over is a classic congressional look, with a bit of an Austin edge. When you initially think of a comb over, you probably envision a not-so-clever way to cover a bald spot, but the modern cut works with any type (or amount) of hair. Just keep it short on the sides and sweep the longer top-locks over. Pair this cut with a suit and your fit to run for congress.

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he Broken Spoke is an Austin institution. This dance hall and music venue has been serving up whisky and country tunes since 1964, and is a notorious hang out for some of Texas’s most legendary artists, including Willie Nelson himself. Though the city is constantly growing and changing, the Broken Spoke remains the same.

The Broken Spoke Spike is a haircut for the western gentleman. It’s clean on the sides and wild on top. Just like our rustic Austin dance hall, this look is traditional and laid back in true country fashion.

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Austin is also known for its lush landscape and rolling hills. One of the most scenic drives can be had on the Capital of Texas Highway, which leads you across the Pennybacker Bridge. This steel bridge crosses Lake Austin and has become an icon of the city.

The Pennybacker Pompadour haircut is a very literal interpretation of the arched bridge. Keep it trim and structured on the sides, and turn the top part into a curved masterpiece. It’s a look that’s as unique and eye catching as this beautiful Austin landmark.

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Housing the headquarters of the Texas Military Forces and Museum, Camp Mabry is a destination for military enthusiasts, and home to soldiers in the U.S. Army Reserve and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

The Camp Mabry Crew Cut is clean and simple, with the top hair kept nice and trim, just slightly longer than the sides. The front hairline is blunt, and the goes from shortest in the back to longest in the front. It is a clean, sharp look for those who enjoy military precision and order.

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You can’t bring up the city of Austin and forget to mention the University of Texas. It takes up forty acres of the city, and is a hard place to miss. From massive football games, to concerts at Bass Hall, the university is a hub for scholars, athletes, and artists from around the city and the world.

We have plenty of students walk through the barbershop door daily, looking to get groomed for school. One cut that’s popular with UT undergrads, is the classic and versatile undercut. Whether you like it buzzed or faded on the sides, slicked back or spiked on top, disconnected or blended, this look gets an A+ no matter how you wear it.

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One of the best ways to stay cool during the sweltering Austin summers, is to hit up Barton Springs. This natural spring, located in Zilker Park, remains a chilly sixty degrees no matter how hot temperatures get. It’s the number one spot in town to catch rays and cool off.

Another way to stay cool in the summer is by wearing a Buzz Cut. It’s a simple, easy-to-maintain cut, that will keep your head nice and breezy in spite of the astronomically hot Austin days.

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South Congress is a part of town that really encapsulates the Austin additude. You can grab a coffee from Joe’s, get some pizza from Homeslice, catch a show at the Continental Club and get some vintage shopping done, all on this one strip overlooking downtown Austin.

A haircut with the same SOCO alternative style is the Slick Back. It’s a look that punks and rockabillies have co-opted, but really works for anybody with the right attitude. So, strut this haircut down South Congress Avenue and keep Austin looking slick.

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Franklin Barbecue has made Austin legendary. Year after year this little joint has crushed the competition, and been voted #1 barbecue in Texas by just about every blog, magazine, and foodie around. It was named one of America’s twenty most important restaurants by Bon Appétit, and praised by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and President Barack Obama. No wonder it’s a 2 hour wait around the block, no matter the time or weather.

The beautiful thing about Franklin Barbecue, is that it has perfected a classic. And, like Franklin Barbecue, the Fade Haircut is a classic that can’t be beat. No matter which way you cut it, like a great brisket, a well done fade leaves you feeling good.

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When driving into downtown Austin, you’ll most likely pass by the Seaholm Power Plant. This iconic 1950’s power plant has been inoperative for years, and has now become a bustling district with condos, a library, restaurants and a park. But, the exterior has remained intact and is a true Texas landmark.

The Seaholm Side Part is a 1950’s style cut inspired by the power plant’s retro architecture. This clean shortcut, paired with a hard part, is the perfect option for the modern gentleman who wants to add a little bit of vintage feel to his look.

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The Mohawk is located at the end of the Red River Music district, and is neighbors with dozens of other music venues in downtown Austin. Any night of the week you can walk down Red River and catch a live music set.

If you enjoy the more rock-and-roll side of life, but don’t want your hair to go full blown mohawk, try something a little more tame. The Faux Hawk is a solid look with an edge. It can be dressed up or messed up, depending on how rebelouse you feel.

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Make an appointment with one of our master barbers, and look sharp as you enjoy all that Austin has to offer!