5 Things You Will Find In a Proper Barbershop

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There are many things that go into making a barbershop truly great. Top quality service comes when all the right ingredients are in place. A proper barbershop doesn’t just offer basic grooming services, it provides its clients with a premier barbering experience. Every aspect of the shop should be designed to enhance the quality of the services, and make the whole event as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

You may have been to a barbershop that fails to achieve this, where the barbers are rushed, the light is dim, and there’s not a single friendly face in sight. This is where bad haircuts happen. Men’s haircuts are extremely detailed, and when you skimp on the details, even in the slightest, the result can be tragic.

At Redd’s Barbershop, we make sure to provide everything a barber needs to give a superb haircut. From the moment you walk through our doors, it’s obvious every aspect of the shop is laid out to function at the highest capacity. We proudly stand apart from the average salon or barbershop, by ensuring every last detail of the grooming process goes above and beyond. And we are constantly improving that process, never settling for anything but the best.

So, what are the most important barbershop essentials, that go into making Redd’s Barbershop the best barbershop in Austin? From friendly smiles, to amazing haircuts, here are the top things you’ll find in any legit barbershop.



Many salons and barbershops use lights around the mirror to illuminate the client as they work, but it only casts light on one part of the head. Though it may make the client look like a movie star as they gaze into the brightly lit mirror, strong light from a single direction casts shadows.

When your barber is cutting your hair, a single shadow, or poorly lit spot, can result in an uneven line and patchy areas. And you absolutely want the best light possible when receiving a straight razor shave. If the light is coming from the side, only half of you face gets lit when lying back in the chair.

That’s why strong overhead lights in a barbershop are so important. For a truly excellent cut, the brighter the better. Though it can seem abrasive at times, bright overhead salon lighting is a barbershop essential. And you won’t find any brighter spot than Redd’s Barbershop.


Turnover rate is important to many barbershops these days. Churning and burning out cuts is the fastest way to make money. That’s why it’s rare to find a shop that takes the time to use hot towels along with their grooming services. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of laundry that’s involved.

But, using a hot towel during a cut or a shave makes a world of difference. Traditional barber shops use straight razors on the face and neck. When using a single edge blade, you want as close a shave as possible. Using a hot towel before shaving opens up the pores and softens the hair allowing for smoother, closer shave.

At Redd’s Barbershop we begin and end every straight razor shave with a relaxing hot towel. Our shaves are more enjoyable and last far longer than a regular shave, partially because of our hot towel policy. Even when getting your haircut, we use a hot towel on the back of the neck before using a straight razor to get that perfect neckline.


A great barbershop needs to be welcoming and warm. It’s a place where people go to feel good about themselves. They come in haggard and leave looking dapper. From the moment they step into the shop, a client has to feel acknowledged and appreciated. That’s why a simple “hello” is so important in a good and proper barbershop.

A friendly barbershop atmosphere is important to the quality of a cut. For both the barber and the client. If they aren’t happy in general, they most likely won’t be happy with the cut. People work better in a positive setting. Relationships are built, clients’ needs are met, and great grooming happens when there is an emphasis on friendliness in a proper barbershop.

You will always be greeted with a smile and offered a drink as soon as you enter Redd’s Barbershop. We pride ourselves on being a place where everyone is welcome. It’s a team effort to make each person’s day better, starting with a friendly “hello”.


This should go without saying, but one of the most important aspects of a barbershop is the barber tools and supplies. Imagine a painter who uses busted paintbrushes and cheap paint. The resulting painting would most likely be a disaster. It’s the same with barbers. A barber’s tools are crucial to their craft. Without properly sharpened sheers, quality clippers, and new razors, no grooming should ever be undertaken.

And the best tools are rendered useless without the right products. A great barber shop has to have the perfect products, for every type of hair. From palmades to beard oils, a barbershop should offer a variety of the best products available.

At Redd’s Barbershop we believe in the products we sell, because our barbers use them on all their clients. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest in hair product innovation, and testing out new products ourselves. Redd’s Barbershop master barbers have been cutting hair for a long time. You can be sure their baber tools and products are the sharpest in the biz.


Finally, the true mark of a great barbershop are the haircuts themselves. Many barbershops out there focus on making their shop seem hip, or knocking out a huge number of appointments in a single day. They sacrifice many, if not all, of the things listed above, in the name of money and popularity. Thus, the quality of the haircuts suffer.

An exceptional barbershop is made of exceptional haircuts. No matter how many people book appointments, no matter how big or small the space, and no matter the location, if a barbershop has quality services, it can’t go wrong. Let the haircuts speak for themselves.

At Redd’s Barbershop, we do it all for the haircut. It’s our guarantee, and our single driving force. Our barbers are the best around, and are constantly learning better ways to deliver amazing haircuts. When it comes down to it, all that matters are the services.


Make an appointment with one of our master barbers, at a shop that has it all!