The chaos and noise of everyday life seems relentless at times. From work, to running errands, and even simply sitting in the hellacious Austin traffic, the rat-race can really wear out a person.

So, where can you go to escape the hustle-and-bustle? If only there was a place where you could go to unwind, where time slows down, and all the craziness disappears…  

Give yourself the break you deserve and visit your local barbershop. A short time spent sitting in the barber’s chair can cleanse your weary soul and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The barbershop experience isn’t just about getting a great haircut, it’s about taking time for yourself in an atmosphere designed for comfort and relaxation.

But, what exactly is it that makes going to the barbershop so calming?



Man chatting with his barber at his local barbershop

1. Have a Friendly Chat With Your Local Barber

Great barbers are not just skilled in the art of grooming, they are master conversationalists. They know how to lighten the mood with a single comment or anecdote. Whether you’re meeting them for the first time, or have been seeing them for years, you always feel like you’re talking to a friend.

Performing barber services on someone is very personal thing. Your barber has to understand exactly what you want, and what your needs are. It can be very therapeutic talking to someone who is working inches away from your head. Even if it’s a simple chat about sports or the weather.

And, sometimes nothing needs to be said at all. A brief discussion about the services you want, then silence for the rest of the time can be just as unwinding as a deep conversation. A good barber knows exactly how to make your barbershop experience magical through the right amount of engaging interaction.


2. Lay Back and Relax

We can’t speak for all barber shops out there, but at Redd’s Barbershop, from the moment you walk through our doors, we are there to make your day better.

First, we offer you a nice, cold beverage. Before you even sit down, the stress starts to melt away with a chilled mug of root beer or an old fashioned cocktail.

Once you’re in the chair, your barber massages the tension out of your neck, back and shoulders with a magic, automatic-massager. So, you can go into your cut or shave feeling loose and at ease.

With every service we use a hot towel. And it’s especially calming when you’re leaned all the way back in the chair for a classic straight razor shave. Before and after your shave, your entire face is covered in our scented and steaming hot towel for an extra soothing effect.

And, at the end of every haircut, we shampoo and massage your scalp with a stimulating cleanser by Kevin Murphy. From start to finish, the whole experience is designed to bring ultimate, physical relaxation.

Man getting a straight razor shave at his barber at his local barbershop

3. Feel Manlier

A visit to the local barbershop is a timeless tradition of manhood. Unlike a regular salon or haircutting establishment, a classic barbershop specializes in men’s cuts, beard trims, and shaves.

Thus, visiting your barber is a true act of manliness. There’s nothing more macho than letting another person hold a razor against your throat, or trusting them with clippers on your scalp.

You don’t have to be a man to go to one, but at a true classic barbershop is built around men’s grooming needs.

It’s a place for guys to be encouraged and feel good about themselves, because of the quality of services and welcoming atmosphere. They can take pride in their masculinity by treating themselves to a premiere barbershop experience.


4. Socialize With Friends

When life gets you down, it’s always best to be around friends. Another way going to the barbershop is therapeutic, is that it’s a place to go and socialize with other people. And, at a truly great local barbershop, everyone is your friend.

At Redd’s Barbershop you are encouraged to sit back, watch the game, have a drink, and just hang while you wait for your appointment.

And, visiting the barbershop along with your friends, brother, father, or even all your groomsmen before the big day, is an excellent way to bond. Spend time together in a fun, comfortable environment, and get spruced up while you’re at it. 

A man getting a fade haircut at his local barbershop

5. Feel Better With a Great Haircut

Nothing’s better for the psyche than feeling good about yourself. After spending a relaxing hour in the barbershop, you’ll leave looking and feeling more confident. A great cut is transformative on the outside and on the inside.

You may think a simple haircut won’t make a difference, but a great haircut can work wonders for the soul. Taking the time to get groomed properly will leave you feeling renewed, like a better version of yourself.

Don’t underestimate the simple act of going to the barbershop. It has the power to give you a more positive outlook on yourself and the world around you.


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