Wyoming Computer Science Micro-Credential Courses for Elementary Teachers

Teacher and young students on computers

Nationwide, there is a need for alternative certification pathways for K-12 teachers to earn computer science teaching credentials. The Wyoming Department of Education recently created a set of computer science micro-credentials for elementary and secondary teachers that serve as an alternative certification pathway. Each micro-credential requires teachers to demonstrate content knowledge related to focal computer science content standards, pedagogical knowledge related to the Computer Science Teachers Association Standards for CS Teachers, and the ability to teach and assess computer science content standards.

To support elementary teachers in developing the content and pedagogical knowledge they need to earn the computer science micro-credentials, AIR developed, piloted, and implemented a series of self-paced courses in the Canvas platform. The courses apply principles of adult learning, such as supporting self-directed learning, chunking content thematically, and facilitating ongoing reflection, to support teachers in meeting the micro-credential requirements. Teachers are guided through activities that support their development of several of the instructional artifacts required to earn each micro-credential, including a standards breakdown and a lesson plan.

The courses also are designed to provide multiple resources to support teachers’ ongoing computer science learning and teaching after they complete the courses.